Thursday, September 4, 2008


In the race to feed our greed, most of us forget the basics of human need. Do we even know how and when to feel the pain of the poor souls whose hearts bleed? Toiling in sweat for scraps of meat, sleeping amidst the filth and weeds while you and I bitterly whine about our starbucks fraps not being sweet enough, sitting in the AC away from the heat. Listening to the sounds of children weep while something deep down inside creeps? How do we come to understand the fundamental challenges that arise when we don’t properly teach our seed and neglect to take the lead in their life. Do you really want to read about your failures in the morning daily, crime blotter bulletins or obituaries? Who should I plead to without letting my message fall upon deaf ears? Consequences bring forth the pale horseman on his deathly steed.

I’m guilty for materialism wants and desires and in my haste to win out in this rat race I forget that it’s not about how much I make but rather what I keep. Gotta stay true to what I believe

“God will be waiting there, in this world of calamity… got to keep on walking on the road to Zion” – Damian Marley – Road to Zion

Monday, September 1, 2008

Labor Day Monday

Monday mornings stuck at home head hurting some mo
Sinus congestion, don’t want to go outside and deal with traffic. Hey does anyone know NYC parking regulations? Is metered parking in effect today? I’m too weary to go check it out myself since I’m feeling a lil emphatic, restless and frustrated. Something problematic especially when the landlord is telling me the building has a bed bug infestation. Talk about mental devastation as if I ain’t got enuff crap to worry about.

Life’s giving me indigestion, oh wait, that’s just the antibiotics messing me up oh f*ck!

Wonder if I’m giving off a bad impression? Who cares? After all it’s subject to your interpretation. Experience has taught me the power of suggestion on the fickle nature of human sensation; we’re always focused on never ending temptation.

Just looking forward to finally going back to work and ending this sickly indignation.